Your Homeschool, Your Way

from the creators of ABCmouse® and Adventure Academy®

Math + Reading + Art, Sciences & General Knowledge

Serving ages 4 to 8, from pre-K through 2nd grade

Your Homeschool, Your Way

Homeschool+ supports you, the home educator, in creating a customized learning environment where you and your children can thrive, and their love of learning and academic success shines. Homeschool+ curriculums include fully adaptive math and reading programs for children ages 4 to 8, plus 12 online courses covering art, science, social studies, and more, along with robust home educator tools that support your unique homeschool.

  • Provides the mathematical number sense and operations instruction your child needs from ages 4 to 8, in pre-K through 2nd grade
  • Helps take your child from nonreader to fluent reader
  • Offers 12 courses covering art, science, and social studies that create an ideal balance of online and offline learning

Help Your Child Master Math & Reading

Four years of learning that helps you take your child from beginner-level to mastering math and reading

My Math Academy and My Reading Academy, for children ages 4–8, are powerful math and reading homeschool curriculums. These courses cover four years of learning, with interactive, expertly designed, truly adaptive educational activities that can help accelerate your child’s journey to mastering mathematical fluency and reading comprehension.

Your passion for homeschool plus our powerful mastery curriculum can help your child build a strong foundation for future success.

My Math Academy is a game-based, homeschool math curriculum that helps children master essential math concepts and skills. My Math Academy assesses what your child knows and doesn’t know, then creates a customized Learning Path with just-right challenges to maximize their learning progress. Targeted wrong-answer feedback and learning support help sustain engagement and motivation.

In-game, adaptive placement activities quickly identify your child's current skill level, launching a unique Learning Path.

Learning Activities support your child with guided feedback, allowing them as much or as little time as needed to master each concept.

The Shapeys™, developmentally appropriate characters who double as math manipulatives, are engaging learning companions, providing meaningful context to make math learning fun and relatable.

Helps your child develop a conceptual understanding of foundational math ideas and applications to fully master key skills.

My Reading Academy is a fully adaptive learn-to-read system featuring digital books, activities, and videos. This program is designed to help your child master foundations of reading, building greater and greater comprehension and fluency. My Reading Academy provides your child with learning experiences that meet their individual needs, allowing them to progress rapidly and with confidence with just-right challenges to maximize learning.

Grounded in the science of reading, My Reading Academy includes every element of complete reading instruction including phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

In-game, adaptive placement activities quickly identify your child’s current skill level, helping accelerate their path from non-reader to full comprehension.

Your child’s learning companions, Bitsy, Nano, and the Blurts, help make learning to read a fun and engaging experience.

Rich, interactive reading experiences provide modeling, direct instruction, and guided practice for development of vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Art, Sciences & General Knowledge

Twelve courses covering art, sciences, social studies, language arts, and Spanish with Lesson Plans with online and offline activities bring learning into the real world.

Created with an ideal balance of online and offline learning, the 12 courses, consisting of 15-20 individual lessons each, are designed to seamlessly fit into your homeschool.

Courses are developed by curriculum and subject-matter experts and are designed to accommodate the unique needs of your homeschool.

Home Educator Tools

Freedom and flexibility are at the center of every feature on Homeschool+, including our Home Educator Tools, designed with you in mind

The Lesson Planner is your hub for customizing the Homeschool+ curriculum by adding, removing, or moving lessons to meet the unique needs of your homeschool.

Complete Lesson Plans support offline learning, providing three levels of exploration to take learning into the real world.

Whether your state requires detailed information about your homeschool or you simply want to assess how your children are progressing, the Homeschool+ Progress Tracker has you covered!

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