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A Piano Curriculum Created for Young Children 

Learning to play the piano helps build music appreciation at an early age and brings so many other benefits. Playing the piano simulates parts of the brain that are tied to cognitive abilities and can also help develop fine motor skills.  

The Homeschool+ piano curriculum invites your child to explore music and piano through song, dance, play, and online and offline piano lessons (instrument not included). Designed for young children with little to no piano experience, our lessons are built around helping your child master early piano playing in a fun and enjoyable way. 

This course progressively builds on your child’s piano-playing skills and knowledge, culminating in an exciting recital day that lets your child show off their new talents. Even if you, the home educator, aren’t familiar with playing the piano, our easy-to-follow lessons guide you through activities that can strengthen your child’s abilities.  

What Piano Skills Can My Child Learn with the Homeschool+ Curriculum?

The Homeschool+ piano course provides an experiential music curriculum designed to cultivate your child’s musical abilities and expand their early musical literacy.  

Here are a few of the topics our Piano I course will introduce to your child:

Music Appreciation  

  • Explore various music genres
  • Study the sound of various instruments and their tone

The Essentials of Piano

  • Learn pitches, locations, and names of piano keys  
  • Study rests, quarter rests, and the Left Hand 

Discipline and Time Management 

  • Understand importance of practice preparation 
  • Commit to making time to improve  

Music Literacy 

  • Discover rhythm and melodies 
  • Decipher the shapes notes, their sounds, and meaning 

Unit 1 

Our first unit introduces your child to the piano keyboard and the basics of learning to play the piano. They’ll learn various pitches with piano keys and prepare for and perform their very first piano recital.  

Here are a few more examples of what Unit 1 includes: 

  • Piano key names 
  • Finger numbers  
  • Identifying music notes 
  • Following a conductor 

Lessons Such As:

Unit 2

This unit teaches your child about melody, rhythm, tempo, and more as your child listens to various music and even practices with a metronome. They’ll strengthen their piano playing technique and learn additional piano songs. 

Unit 2 also helps your child understand these music and piano basics: 

  • Rest and quarter rests 
  • Finger exercises
  • Speed and pace of music and how it relates to their piano playing 
  • Practice and preparation for their second piano recital 

Lessons Such As:

Unit 3

Your child will enjoy further exploration of music from around the world, which will help inform their understanding of music sounds and structures. They’ll also challenge themselves with ongoing piano practice that builds on the skills they’ve already mastered.  

Unit 3 brings these fun lessons to your child: 

  • The Left Hand in piano playing  
  • Different genres of music 
  • Learn about accompaniment and instrument families 
  • Play and practice new songs for their final piano recital 

Lessons Such As:

Unit 4

Our fourth unit marks the start of our Piano II course, where your child will begin learning to play the piano with both hands. They’ll continue studying the various elements of musical notes and work on reading and interpreting music when playing with both hands. Along the way, your child can add more songs to their piano repertoire and end the unit with a special recital showcasing their new skills.

Unit 4 explores concepts such as:

  • Accompaniment, melodies, pitches, and rhythms 
  • Playing with both hands 
  • Music history, specifically the blues and boogie-woogie 
  • Accuracy and technique when playing 

Lessons Such As:

Unit 5

This unit kicks off with a fun new recital song that introduces the left-hand note A. Children will also discover the iconic music of Stevie Wonder and the role of jazz music in America’s history. In addition, children will work on building their proficiency in playing notes B, C, D, and E using quarter notes and quarter rests when playing with both hands. The unit’s concluding recital creates an opportunity for your child to highlight their musical growth as they play more new songs. 

This unit also allows your child to study the following concepts: 

  • The history of European music notation 
  • Beats per minute and the role of a metronome  
  • The significance of silence and rests in rhythms 
  • How finger exercises can help achieve fluency when playing 

Lessons Such As:

Unit 6

Here comes more new songs and piano-playing skills! In the final unit of our Piano II course, your child will learn about half-notes and half-note rests. They’ll study new music notation symbols, including the double bar line and the repeat sign, and have a chance to learn and play more advanced music selections. The unit concludes with a grand finale, allowing your child to celebrate their piano-playing abilities with new recital songs that highlight their musical journey. 

Here are a few more examples of what’s included in Unit 6: 

  • Discovering Argentinian Tango music and Indian music, featuring the sitar, tabla, and more 
  • The impact of posture, accuracy, technique, and rhythm on overall performance 
  • A deeper understanding of music notation 
  • Reading and practicing more complex music  

Lessons Such As:

Offline Lessons

The Homeschool+ piano curriculum includes offline lessons that home educators can complete with their child. These hands-on lessons further strengthen skills and provide another avenue for your child to engage with the material they’re learning. Each lesson provides several different activities for you and your child to explore, depending on the time you have and your child’s interest in the topic. 

Lessons Such As:

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