Reading Homeschool Curriculum

Finding a strong reading curriculum is one of the most important things you can do as a homeschool parent. Yet not all programs are created equal.

As you’re looking for a program, you’ll want to look for a research-backed program developed by literacy experts. Not only will this help start the foundation your child needs, but you’ll have peace of mind, knowing they’re getting the best education possible.

Online Homeschool Reading Curriculum

A comprehensive reading curriculum is a core part of a great homeschool language arts program. 

An online reading program has the added benefit of using adaptive technology to meet your reader where they are while helping them progress into a fluent reader. 

Online reading curriculums can also provide students with a fun and engaging platform with living books that make reading an interactive experience. With games that bring learning to life, your learner will want to come back again and again. 

My Reading Academy™ provides all of this and more.

Reading Curriculum by Age

Reading to your child every day is one of the most important ways to help start your child on their journey to literacy. On top of that, basic reading skills lay the foundation and are important to teach at this age. 

Here is a list of some things that should be covered at this developmental age for reading. 

Preschool Pre-reading Curriculum (4- to 5-Year-Olds)

Preschool is when your child begins to recognize letters and print. They start to connect the sounds letters make and the words letters form. Fostering that curiosity and reading to your child can help set them up for success as they work toward reading independently by understanding these concepts:

Kindergarten Reading Curriculum (5- to 6-Year-Olds)

At this stage of a child’s reading journey, they have developed the basic skills needed to begin reading. Teaching children to make the transition from letter recognition to phonemic awareness can, at times, feel a bit daunting. But with a good reading curriculum like My Reading Academy, that process can be easy and seamless. 

Here’s what you can expect your child to work on as they achieve this milestone: 

1st Grade Reading Curriculum (6- to 7-Year-Olds)

As your child progresses into independent reading, they will become more confident and excited that they are able to decode the written world around them. With the foundation they have gained, they will progress in these abilities: 

2nd Grade Reading Curriculum (7- to 8-Year-Olds)

This stage of reading starts to focus more heavily on fluency and comprehension. Your child can broaden their horizons by improving their skills with many exciting and thought-provoking stories!

Here are some of the continued skills they will work on at this age: 

Homeschool+ and My Reading Academy for Your Homeschool Reading Curriculum

My Reading Academy provides a comprehensive learning approach of adaptive challenges and ongoing feedback to help sustain your child’s engagement and motivation as they progress on their path to becoming a fluent reader.

The result of years of research, design, development, testing, and refinement by a team of literacy experts, My Reading Academy addresses every element of complete reading instruction:

An interactive, flexible evaluation places your child on their own Learning Path, matching their current reading knowledge and skill to the material that best meets their learning needs. My Reading Academy evaluates their progress as they build on what they’ve mastered, presenting the next challenge they need to advance their understanding and skills.

Reading should be fun, and so should learning to read. Each time they enter My Reading Academy, your child is greeted by their learning companions, Bitsy, Nano, and the Blurts, in a beautifully rendered 3D world. Relatable instructional videos help to inspire your child to try the same reading challenges and comprehension strategies they see their new friends using.