Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option for families who want to tailor their child’s education to fit their needs and gain greater flexibility in their education. 

Families who love to travel and learn may choose homeschooling as a way to see the world while giving their child the first-hand experience of exploring this wonderful planet. 

Why Social Studies Is an Integral Part of a Homeschool Curriculum

Social studies is an essential piece of your child’s home education. Learning about people, places, events, and how to relate to the world around us helps children realize they are part of a community. 

Homeschool+ covers preschool, pre-K, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade social studies topics. This adaptive, flexible program provides both online and offline resources to make social studies fun and engaging. 

A good social studies curriculum helps provides the perfect foundation for children to understand the world around them and how to be responsible and active citizens. Homeschool+ is an excellent choice for parents who want to give their children a comprehensive social studies education in a home setting.

Homeschool+ Social Studies Curriculum Overview

The Homeschool+ social studies curriculum is designed to take your preschooler through 2nd grader on a journey of learning that is rich and diverse in experiences. From the Amazon River to the Great Wall of China, diving into learning about different cultures and natural wonders helps keep your child engaged and learning every step of the way. 

Our social studies program consists lessons designed to help you teach your child critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Along the way, they will gain a better understanding and appreciation of our world.

The Homeschool+ social studies curriculum will introduce your child to the basics of map reading and landmark identification while also taking them on a journey to explore diverse people and places around the globe. 

Here is a deeper dive into the social studies course on Homeschool+.

Preschool Through Second Grade Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum

Community Citizenship I is designed to give your child a sense of different roles people play in a community, places in their community, and their own role in the community. They will also have an opportunity to learn about how communities are alike and different by exploring culture, language, food, and money.

Community Citizenship II is designed to help your child learn that making healthy choices, understanding how people and systems work together, and developing problem-solving skills are ways that we contribute to the community around us. Through learning videos, puzzles, movement activities, and fun hands-on crafts, your child will explore their unique place in the world around them.

Cultures and Places to Explore takes children on a virtual journey around the globe, introducing them to different cultures, customs, and traditions. 

The course is taught by the animated characters ABC Mouse, Do-Re-Mi, and 1•2•3, as they explore the world, make new friends, discover new places, and learn about history, culture, and science. 

Unlock the doors to the world with this exciting course for your child! From iconic landmarks to breathtaking natural wonders, your child will discover an array of intriguing places around the globe. Not only will this course ignite their curiosity, but it will also help inspire a more profound desire to explore and understand the world around them.
Imagine your child learning about different cultures and regions, appreciating the people and places that make our planet unique. 

Maps and Landmarks these interactive lessons are taught by the dynamic animated character, Carla the Cartographer. The lessons cover key concepts such as cartography, geography, topography, oceanography, measuring, and history.

The course also involves fun activities such as mapmaking, map painting, puzzles, world travel, and exploring America’s regional natural wonders and iconic landmarks.

This course will give your child a strong foundation in mapmaking and geographical concepts, including the continents, oceans, and the 50 United States of America.

Why Choose Homeschool+ for Social Studies

Homeschool+ social studies curriculum: