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Social Studies Curriculum

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Social Studies Curriculum for Your Homeschool 

The Homeschool+ social studies curriculum is designed to help your child understand the world around them, ranging from people in their community, significant landmarks, good citizenship, various places and cultures, and more. These topics provide insight into how societies function, grow cultural awareness, and help foster a sense of place and belonging. 

Our extensive online curriculum integrates state-of-the-art digital resources with offline, hands-on learning activities. This approach allows you to customize your child’s learning and creates multiple pathways for your child to connect with the material.  

While interacting with our social studies curriculum, your child will explore the essentials of map reading and landmark identification, take a journey around the globe to discover its diverse people and places, learn about the people in their community and how to be an active and responsible citizen, and so much more.  

Curriculum experts created the Homeschool+ social studies lessons to support and enhance your homeschool experience. Each topic allows flexibility and customization while also nurturing critical thinking skills, building a solid base in social studies, and helping your child feel excited to learn more. 

What Social Studies Skill Can My Child Learn with the Homeschool+ Curriculum? 

Our preschool through second grade social studies curriculum introduces your child to a range of foundational concepts, including basic geography; an awareness and appreciation for different cultures and landmarks from around the world; an understanding of the roles of community helpers and good citizenship; and more.  

Our engaging online and offline lessons, interactive videos, and activities provide your child with a variety of opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and connect with the material they’re learning.  

Here are a few social studies skills you can look forward to your child learning with Homeschool+:

Cultural and Global Awareness

  • Research different cultures and traditions 
  • Discover customs from around the world

Citizenship Skills 

  • Study how communities function
  • Understand how to make a positive impact on a community 

Critical Thinking Skills 

  • Learn about issues impacting the world  
  • Interpret information to help form personal perspectives

Geographical Awareness 

  • Investigate maps and cartography 
  • Explore landmarks and geographical features  

Preschool Social Studies Curriculum

The preschool social studies curriculum is designed to introduce your child to key concepts in social studies education. Our curriculum features a variety of interactive learning activities that help foster a sense of curiosity about the people, places, and animals that live among us. Here’s a glimpse at what our preschool social studies curriculum includes:

  • Learning about responsibility and leadership, natural resources, and world culture 
  • Exploring what it means to be part of a community with videos, crafts, and movement and observation activities 
  • Discovering ways to problem solve by studying inventors and helpful tools and technology 
  • Traveling to the Amazon, Egypt, the Andes, and more to research significant places in the world 

Lessons Such As:

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Preschooler in lab coat conducting science experiment

Kindergarten Social Studies Curriculum

The Homeschool+ kindergarten social studies curriculum is a comprehensive early learning program that takes your child on a journey through their own community and around the world. Our curriculum is designed to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills while instilling a sense of appreciation for our world and its people.  

Through engaging videos, books, lessons, and interactive learning activities, your child will explore topics such as: 

  • United States and world geography 
  • People and essential landmarks and structures from history 
  • Unique natural environments and amazing man-made structures 
  • How different people, parts, and systems work together 

Lessons Such As:

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1st Grade Social Studies Curriculum

In first grade, students will learn about different communities, families, and how people live around the world. They will also explore maps and famous places and learn about being good citizens in their own communities. Learning about these topics at a young age can help children form a respect for the various places and cultures they encounter.  

Our curriculum uses fun, age-appropriate activities and lessons to draw your child into social studies topics like these: 

  • The physical features of the United States and America’s regional natural wonders and iconic landmarks  
  • The basics of map reading and world geography 
  • The climate, animals, and landmarks of different countries and the diversity and richness of cultures around the world 
  • The importance of global citizenship, volunteering, and conservation 

Lessons Such As:

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2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum

The Homeschool+ second grade social studies curriculum builds on the foundational concepts introduced in 1st grade and takes a deeper dive into those important topics. The program is designed to help children increase their understanding of the world and have the opportunity to grow into informed and active global citizens. 

Our second grade social studies curriculum includes the following concepts: 

  • Cartography, geography, topography, oceanography, measuring, and history 
  • Fundamental geographical concepts such as continents, oceans, and the 50 United States of America 
  • Using the topic of exploration to help foster problem-solving skills 
  • Comparing differences and similarities between various cultures through food, currency, and language   

Lessons Such As:

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Homeschool+ provides you with online courses, lessons, and tools, combined with offline activities to support Your Homeschool, Your Way. As a home educator, you deserve a customized learning environment where your children can thrive and their love for learning can shine. Homeschool+ offers fully adaptive math and reading programs that adjust to your child in real time through dynamic, interactive assessments, as well as courses covering art, science, social studies, and more.   

At Homeschool+, we are committed to providing robust tools to support your homeschooling adventure in whatever form works best for you. From Progress Tracking to Lesson Planning and organization, our extensive tools are designed to help make your journey seamless and successful. Join Homeschool+ today and unlock the potential of personalized education, your way! 

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