Homeschool+™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homeschool+?

Homeschool+ is a homeschool curriculum designed to support home educators in creating a customized learning environment for children ages 4 to 8. The curriculum includes fully adaptive math and reading programs and 19 online courses covering math, reading, science, language arts, social studies, art, Spanish, and more.

Who is Homeschool+ for?

Homeschool+ is perfect for homeschool families with children ages 4-to-8 years old and home educators looking for additional home instruction tools coupled with complete lesson plans, a lesson planner, and robust progress tracking. Learning experts designed the curriculum to be customizable to fit the needs of multiple homeschool styles and unique needs of your homeschool.

How much does Homeschool+ cost?

Your Homeschool+ subscription is $39.99* per month until canceled. An annual Homeschool+ subscription is $299.99* per year until canceled. 

*Pricing does not reflect any applicable promotional or third party pricing.

What is included with my Homeschool+ subscription?

Your subscription includes My Math Academy® and My Reading Academy™, fully adaptive math and reading programs for children ages 4 to 8 that cover four years of learning. Additionally, you’ll have access to 19 Art, Science, & General Knowledge courses with 15–20 individual lessons each covering art, sciences, social studies, language arts, and Spanish. Homeschool Educator Tools (Lesson Plans, Lesson Planner, and Progress Tracker) are also available so you can design and manage your unique homeschool.

The Lesson Plans contain fun, offline, child-approved activities designed to meet your family’s unique needs and allow further learning exploration on a topic. With the Lesson Planner, you can customize your curriculum by adding, removing, or moving lessons. The Progress Tracker provides detailed information to help make record-keeping easy.

Is Homeschool+ an online or an offline curriculum?

We understand that learning can take place anywhere, and therefore Homeschool+ was designed with an ideal balance of online and offline activities. Offline lesson plans are designed to seamlessly fit into your homeschool curriculum and bring learning into the real world.

How does My Math Academy work?

My Math Academy is a game-based, homeschool math curriculum designed to help children master essential math concepts and skills. In-game, adaptive placement activities assess your child’s current skill level and assigns them a learning path unique to their needs. Targeted wrong-answer feedback helps motivate and engage young learners.

How does My Reading Academy work?

My Reading Academy is a fully adaptive learn-to-read system featuring digital books, activities, and videos. It’s designed to help build reading comprehension and fluency. Just-right challenges help maximize learning and build confidence.

How do the Art, Sciences & General Knowledge courses work?

There are 19 courses available covering science, language arts, social studies, art, Spanish, and more. Each course has 15–20 individual lessons. And each lesson has a corresponding offline lesson plan with three levels of activities to take learning into the real world.

What resources are available for home educators?

Home educators have access to the Lesson Planner, Lesson Plans, and Progress Tracker, giving you support, freedom, and the flexibility to customize your curriculum.

How much time should my child spend on Homeschool+ a day?

We recommend that children spend 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week using My Math Academy and My Reading Academy. Children should do one Arts, Sciences, and General Knowledge lesson per day with a different subject each day of the week. You can customize and add 1–3 more Arts, Sciences, and General Knowledge lessons per day.