Lesson Plans

We know that balancing screen time matters, so each carefully curated lesson on Homeschool+ includes both online and offline components. The offline Lesson Plans are available to download at the top of your Lesson Planner. You can download and print one day’s lessons at a time or prepare ahead and print lessons for the entire week. The offline Lesson Plans are custom-made for homeschooling families. Each one begins with clearly identified key concepts vocabulary, so you know the purpose of the lesson from the beginning. Instead of requiring a long list of expensive supplies, most materials are household items or low-cost, and set up time is minimal. The Lesson Plans contain fun, child-approved activities like drawing maps of your house, filling in the blanks with describing words, and creating model insects. Lessons are also designed in multiple to meet your families’ unique needs:
  • Explore Activity: This follow-up is designed to be used closely with the Digital Playlist to help your child understand the topic.
  • Dig Deeper Activity: This offline activity provides an additional learning experience with the same topic.
  • Extend Activity: This offline activity extends your child’s understanding and application of the same topic.
Integrating the concepts explored in the Online Playlists, each offline activity is designed to reinforce new ideas, generate rich conversations between you and your children, and build a family culture of learning—together.

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The Lesson Planner is just one of the great Home Educator Tools included with Homeschool+. Explore the complete offline Progress Tracker and Lesson Planner here.