Progress Tracker

Whether your state requires detailed information about your homeschool or you simply want to assess how your children are progressing, the Homeschool+ Progress Tracker has you covered!

My Math Academy® and My Reading Academy™ detailed Dashboards give you clear insights on your child’s progress:

  • See a breakdown of your child’s time on the program by day, week, month, and overall.
  • Monitor their overall progress toward mastering skills and meeting the goals you’ve set.
  • See the specific math and reading skills your children are practicing, the areas in which they are struggling, and what they have mastered.

The Arts, Sciences & General Knowledge Dashboard allows you to 

  • See which activities your child has completed, and which are still in progress.
  • Review how many lessons your child has completed out of the total lessons you have assigned.
  • Keep track of attendance (if required by your state) with a report of lessons completed by day.
  • Filter each report by course, day, week, month, or overall. 

With Homeschool+, each child on your account will have their own report.  

The Progress Tracker is just one of the great Home Educator Tools included with Homeschool+. Explore the complete offline Lesson Plans and Lesson Planner here.