Homeschool+ was created to support you, the home educator, in building a customized learning environment where you and your children can thrive and their love of learning and academic success shines. Designed to specifically meet the needs of homeschool children and home educators, the Homeschool+ experience keeps you in control—your homeschool, your way™.
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The customizable Lesson Planner allows you to easily plan each day:

  • Choose the lessons and activities you want for your child.
  • Or, follow the lesson plans recommended by our curriculum experts.
  • Set the amount of time you want each child to spend on each lesson.
  • Complement the online activities with a variety of comprehensive, easy-to-use offline lesson plans.
  • Skip a day if you want—lessons adjust dynamically around your schedule!

Flexible Lesson Plans

Expand your child’s learning with offline lesson plans that can be tailored to your child’s interests. Homeschool+ lesson plans provide options for multiple levels of instruction, creating fun, enjoyable learning moments for your whole family. Each lesson plan gives you full control so that you and your child can choose how deeply you want to explore a topic: 

  • Explore: Enjoy engaging offline activities that introduce a topic.
  • Dig Deeper: Utilize instant tools when teachable moments present themselves!
  • Extend: Practice and apply new learning.

Progress Tracker

Track individual progress and see the skills your child has mastered with your informative, real-time Home Educator Progress Tracker:

  • See which activities have been completed.
  • Access what your children are working on.
  • View the next activities to complete.
  • Celebrate the skills your children have mastered.

Child Experience

The Homeschool+ student experience is engaging, exciting, and fun, peaking your child’s interests and inspiring their love of learning from day one. Your child’s Daily Lesson Dashboard makes it easy for your child to access the courses and lessons you’ve selected for them. As they work their way through fun and engaging videos, games, online and offline activities, and more, their confidence and love of learning can grow!