Guide to Homeschooling Through a Charter School

The homeschooling landscape has changed quite a bit over the past few years, giving parents more resources than ever before. One of these new and improved options is the ability to do homeschooling through charter schools.

This is a great approach for parents looking for extra support or a hybrid approach. Not only will you have extra guidance in a more structured environment, but you could also get financial support and resources.

If you’ve been wondering about homeschooling through a charter school and whether it’s right for your kids or family, then you’re in the right place. Here are some resources to get you started.

What Is a Charter School?

How Can I Homeschool Through a Charter School?

What Are the Advantages of Homeschooling Through a Charter School?

What Are the Disadvantages of Homeschooling Through a Charter School?

Can I Use Online Curriculum for Our Homeschool?

Approved Vendor Request Letter for Homeschool Charter Schools

What Is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools owned, operated, and funded with public tax dollars. They exist to provide more options and specializations for parents to choose from for their children’s education.

For example, there are highly specialized charter schools in practically every state that focus on technology. You can also find several charter school options that concentrate on teaching multiple languages through a world language program.

Charter schools generally do not restrict attendance to certain geographical regions like most public schools. Instead, they allow student enrollment across a city, region, or even state.

This approach to enrollment will often help increase competition and encourage innovation in education. Families love it because it gives them options they likely never had before.

Traditionally, charter schools haven’t catered to homeschoolers, but this is changing and evolving for the better—at least in many states. Now homeschool families can work with a charter school to use their curriculum, tap into their resources, and even access funding.

As any homeschooling family knows, resources can be hard to come by. This can be a great way to explore additional options.

How Can I Homeschool Through a Charter School?

Keep in mind that this is a new option for many, so it might vary based on your location. Try asking local homeschool groups or families if they can recommend charter schools that offer this. If you come across a school that is unfamiliar with this option, don’t be discouraged. The steps below can still help you pave the way for other learners in your area:

  1. Find a charter school in your state or region that aligns with your values and goals, and that also allows homeschooling. (If you find a school that is not currently set up in this way, you could ask to meet with them to discuss options).
  2. Follow the enrollment procedures for that school. This usually involves filling out the necessary paperwork and providing any legal documents they require (immunization records, birth certificate, etc.).
  3. The school will likely assign you an educational facilitator or education specialist to meet with. This is often a teacher who is already working at the school or a designated staff member who works with homeschool families.
  4. Next, you’ll work with your education specialist to create a homeschool plan, including what subjects and areas to focus on and what supplies and curriculum you will need.
  5. Figure out the process you need to complete to get your curriculum and materials approved, which is what you’ll need to do to qualify for school funds.
  6. Start homeschooling! Depending on the school’s requirements, you’ll likely have to check in with your assigned educational facilitator monthly or quarterly.

What Are the Advantages of Homeschooling Through a Charter School?

Homeschooling is a big undertaking, so going through a charter school can be a great way to start. Whether you’re looking for monetary assistance, extra support, or everything in between, here are some of the benefits.

You Can Get Homeschool Funding Through a Charter School

Many charter schools have funding or stipends when you enroll in their program. This will often give you a lot more curriculum options and educational opportunities, which in turn can help relieve the financial burden of choosing to homeschool in the first place. Every school and location will be different, and some have a lot more options than others.
For those charter schools that do provide a stipend, here are some items that may be covered:

You Can Get Direction and Structure ​

Because charter schools are public, they must follow specific regulations provided by the government to get funding and remain open.

One of these requirements is monitoring their students and families and their progress. This will be done by meeting with your assigned education specialist. You will need to provide records and examples of the work your child has done.

Depending on the charter, your child may need to participate in any required assessments or testing. Many parents like having this structure because it can help you know where your child is on their education path.  

You Can Gain Access to Extracurriculars, Sports, and Other Programs

Homeschool charter schools often allow homeschoolers to participate in clubs, sports, extracurricular activities, and even field trips. If the school offers it, you will likely have access to it. All you need to do is ask! These can be great options for homeschooled families and an effective way to stay involved in the community.

You Can Gain a Community and Support Network

When charter schools are open to homeschoolers, the word gets out and more families tend to sign up together. This can give you a nice built-in community of others who are also using a charter school to carry out their homeschool curriculum.

This can be a good option if you’re worried about being isolated or trying to find good social opportunities. With other families on the same path, you often have opportunities to meet to provide support and friendship to one another.

What Are the Disadvantages of Homeschooling Through a Charter School?

Homeschooling with the help of a charter school will only be the solution for some families. Some families looking for more independence might not like having the structure or systems in place for them to follow.
Here are some reasons homeschooling through a charter school might not work for you:

Can I Use Online Curriculum for Our Homeschool?

You can use online curriculum to homeschool through a charter school. This is a popular and growing choice among many families.

Online curriculum like Homeschool+ allows you to customize your homeschool experience while having the tools you need to track your child’s progress easily.

Approved Vendor Request Letter for Homeschool Charter Schools

To request adding Homeschool+ to your homeschool charter school’s approved vendor list, please copy the paragraph below, add your information in the blank fields, and submit the request to your curriculum specialist or advisor.

Dear __________,

I would like to request that Homeschool+ be added to the approved vendor list. I would like to include this curriculum as part of our homeschool. To learn more about the curriculum, please visit www.homeschoolplus.com.

Once approved, please email charters@homeschoolplus.com to place an order. They will need the following information:

My email: __________

My child’s first name: __________