Find a Quality 1st Grade Math Curriculum With Homeschool+

Numbers are all around us, which means there’s always a new way to notice and experience the power of math. A good math curriculum for your homeschooling program can make a big difference in how your child views math. If you’re ready to select a 1st grade math curriculum, here are some things to consider as you research your options.

Must-Haves for a 1st Grade Math Curriculum

Must Be Adaptive

As you review different programs, you’ll notice that some are better than others at creating a personalized learning environment. We all know that kids learn at different speeds, and what works for one might not work for another. It’s essential to have a math curriculum that’s easy to personalize so you can tailor it to each student and easily switch from one student to another. 

Must Have Variety

Kids get bored if they have to go through the same lesson style repeatedly. Look for options that mix it up through different approaches and visuals. It’s also important to pick a program that uses goals or milestones to keep kids motivated and ready to celebrate their successes in learning.

Must Be Fun

All learning should be fun to help kids stay engaged. Test programs before committing to them, and carefully weigh your child’s opinion. If they don’t enjoy the trial period of a program, it’s time to try something else. 

Must Work Well Online

You can find many math programs online, but they’re not all made with the modern child in mind. Any kindergarten math curriculum you pick should work seamlessly on a desktop or tablet. The curriculum should be naturally interactive and interesting to kids.

Keeping Kids Engaged in a 1st Grade Math Curriculum

Kids will naturally have moments when they’re more excited about math, science, or other subjects. You can help keep them engaged by creating a regular school routine and finding a program that works well for them. 

Don’t forget to keep math in your daily conversations as well. If you go to a restaurant or the library, help students notice the numbers. Seeing and using numbers in real life helps kids understand the significance of learning math concepts.  

Find a Program You Can Trust

Make sure your homeschooling curriculum is from a credible source and created by experts and educators known for quality materials. Take time to research who developed the program. Here’s what you should know about Homeschool+.

It’s Created by Professionals

The experts behind Homeschool+ have worked in education and curriculum for years and understand how to make the material engaging for kids. They are the same people who brought you ABCmouse® and Adventure Academy®.

It’s Used by Homeschoolers

Throughout the creation of Homeschool+, we have been talking to homeschool families to ensure we meet their needs. We’re proud of the families we serve and their role in shaping our programs. We use their feedback to continually improve and expand our products. 

My Math Academy as Part of Homeschool+

Have you heard of My Math Academy? It’s the math curriculum within the Homeschool+ subscription. You’ll find games, personalized learning, and other interactive elements for your child. Getting started is easy–just fill out some basic information, and the program will generate lessons for your student with goals and milestones. Adjust the lessons with a few clicks, and then dive into learning.

What to Cover in a 1st Grade Math Curriculum

My Math Academy tackles a wide range of topics. Here are some examples of what you’ll find within the program.

Using Homeschool+ for Your 1st Grade Math Curriculum

Homeschool+ can help meet your 1st grade math curriculum goals, whether you’re new to homeschooling or have been doing it for years. Our helpful Home Educator tools are designed to support you and your homeschooling efforts.

Try Our Lesson Planner

Within the program, you’ll have access to a Lesson Planner that makes it easy to create lessons and schedules for your learner. Plus, you can change or adjust the lessons at any time.

Try the Progress Tracker

This tool allows you to follow your child’s journey through their lessons and check for comprehension. With a subject like math, this is especially important and lets you know when it’s time to move on or go back and review.