Science Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing the right homeschool science curriculum can make the learning process for both you and your child enjoyable and rewarding. The Homeschool+ science curriculum offers you engaging, adaptable science lessons that combine a variety of online and offline activities. 

This fun and engaging science curriculum includes hands-on experiments and interactive lessons. From learning about the natural world to exploring the inner workings of the human body, our curriculum covers a wide range of topics to spark your child’s curiosity and encourage a lifelong love of science.

Why Science Matters: The Importance of Teaching Homeschool Science

Science is the gateway to understanding the world around us. Through the exploration of science, your child will learn about the natural world and how it works. Through observation, experimentation, and analysis, science helps your child develop critical thinking skills while understanding cause-and-effect relationships. 

Additionally, the knowledge gained through scientific study is used to create new technologies and medical treatments, improve agricultural yields, and make our world a cleaner and more sustainable place.

Science helps us understand how the world functions and plays a fundamental role in the innovation of technology, medicine, and the environment. It helps shape the perspectives of people so they can make informed choices in their everyday lives. Learning science will help your child build analytical and logical thinking skills that they can apply in their future careers.

Homeschool+ Science Curriculum Overview

Our homeschool science curriculum is fully customizable and adaptable to your needs as a home educator. You know what’s best for your child and what lessons will be most fun and engaging for them. 

Our curriculum combines online and offline activities that are tailored to meet the individual needs of your child.

Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Science Curriculum

Animals & Habitats I is designed for our youngest learners. We have an engaging and explorative course that will introduce your child to the animal kingdom and all its unique diversity.

Your preschooler will learn engaging facts, through books and high-interest activities, about a variety of animal characteristics, habitats, geographies, and environments.

Animals & Habitats I features a read-along-book series with colorful photos and simple-to-understand language. The lessons will cover the basics of animal behavior and some unique facts. 

Children will learn about how different environments are suited to different animals, how animals eat and sleep, and the fascinating ways they’ve learned to survive. 

The course will help children understand how baby animals depend on their parents for survival and life lessons and will also help them understand domesticated and wild animals. 

The course has different lesson elements that can be used to create a single-day or multi-day lesson, and the student will have a deeper understanding of animals and the environment they are in.

1st Grade and 2nd Grade Homeschool Science Curriculum

Animals & Habitats II: This course works to deepen the foundation of your child’s understanding of the Earth, its habitats, and the unique animals that call it home.

This course has interactive lessons where your child will learn to identify different types of animals, the habitats they live in, and gain an understanding of their life cycles.

The groups of animals your child will learn about include:

The curriculum also covers how animals depend on each other and their environments, as well as threats facing many animal species.

By the end of this course, children will have worked on skills to identify various animal species, understand how animals depend on each other and their habitats, and comprehend the significance of preserving biodiversity.

Science Experiments and Demonstrations covers engaging lessons designed to teach students fundamental scientific concepts.

Using hands-on learning, demonstrations, and experiments, students will participate in activities such as creating demonstrations, testing hypotheses, observing, recording data, and drawing conclusions.

The course covers concepts such as:

Your child will go through the process of active exploration and investigation. By the end of the course, they will have a deeper understanding of a range of fundamental scientific concepts, including states of matter, electric current, temperature, fluid pressure, molecules, sound waves, leverage, and more.

Systems of the Human Body is an interactive way for students to learn about the different systems of the human body. It includes lessons covering topics such as functions of body systems, functions of body parts, functions of muscles and bones, and health and nutrition.

This course engages students through our exciting animated series Escape from Fred and Professor Hester, making learning about the body’s circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems more fun and interactive.

Your child will learn the functions of each system and how they work together to keep the body healthy, and they’ll have the opportunity to conduct hands-on activities to understand the effects of exercise, nutrition, and sleep on the body.

By the end of the course, your child will have a deeper understanding of the human body and its functions.

How Homeschool+ Science Curriculum Works for You

Our science courses are designed to fit your schedule and your needs. You know your child best and what types of science activities and learning will excite them. 

Our Lesson Planners are designed so you can schedule your lessons on days that work for you. You can add additional lessons from our educational library or follow our suggested course timeline. 

Our Progress Tracker also makes it easy for you to track your child’s progress. Homeschool+ keeps a record of your child’s studies in science and other subjects. This helps you ensure that you are in compliance with your state’s required homeschool curriculum laws. 

Science is all about exploring, experimenting, testing, hands-on learning, and fun. Let Homeschool+ provide easy-to-follow Lesson Plans that you can use your way, so you can focus on enjoying what matters most for your homeschool!