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Homeschool+ Math Curriculum: An Online Adaptive Math Program 

Homeschool+ features My Math Academy®, which provides an extensive and flexible approach to teaching mathematics at home. Designed to meet the unique needs of home educators, our math curriculum offers clear and concise lessons, engaging online and offline activities, and ample practice exercises.  

With a focus on building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and skills, My Math Academy adapts to meet your child’s individual learning needs and allows parents to track their child’s progress. Whether your child is just starting their math journey or needs additional support in specific areas, our homeschool math curriculum provides the tools and resources that can help foster a love for math and grow a solid understanding of key mathematical concepts. 

What Math Skills Can My Child Learn with the Homeschool+ Curriculum?

Homeschool+ is designed to teach your child a wide range of math skills to help develop a strong understanding of early mathematics skills. The curriculum covers fundamental concepts such as number sense, counting, addition, subtraction, and number lines. It also focuses on more advanced topics like regrouping, geometry, measurement, patterns, and problem-solving strategies.  

Homeschool+ aims to develop skills in critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical fluency. With a structured progression and clear learning objectives, the curriculum enables your child to build a solid foundation in math and advance their skills at their own pace. 

Here are some of the many skills you can look forward to your child learning:

Number Recognition, Counting 

  • Recognize numbers and number words
  • Count objects accurately, skip counting 

Basic Operations

  • Develop math fact fluency  
  • Solve word problems, use ten frames, and use regrouping 

Number Comparison

  • Identify greater or less than
  • Compare quantities to each other 

Conceptual Understanding 

  • Build and understand mathematical relationships  
  • Promote critical thinking skills

Preschool Math Curriculum

Our preschool math homeschool curriculum is specially designed for 4- to 5-year-olds and provides them with a strong foundation in early math concepts. Through engaging and interactive activities, games, and videos, our adaptive math program helps your child develop essential math skills while having fun.  

Our preschool math curriculum introduces many early math concepts. Here is an overview of what your child will study:

  • Counting sequences for numerals 1–5, 6–10, 11–15, 16–20 
  • Composing numbers up to 10 and understanding quantity comparison within 10 
  • Counting backward from 10 to 1 and from 5 to 1 
  • Developing number sense through counting from 1 to 10 and 11 to 20, both sequentially and starting from any number 

Concepts Such As:

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Kindergarten Math Curriculum

Our kindergarten homeschool math curriculum builds on your child’s beginning preschool math skills and takes them on an exciting exploration of more complex math concepts. The Homeschool+ math curriculum uses activities and resources that are designed to capture the interest of young children and help them gain a more nuanced understanding of numbers and counting.  

Our kindergarten math curriculum covers a variety of key math skills, including the following: 

  • One-to-one correspondence and cardinality 
  • Addition and subtraction within 10 
  • Composing and comparing numbers up to 20 
  • Counting skills, forward and backward, as well as skip counting 
  • Number recognition and operations 

Concepts Such As:

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1st Grade Math Curriculum

Our first grade homeschool math curriculum introduces and develops foundational mathematical skills and concepts. Children will practice problem-solving, pattern recognition, and critical thinking skills through interactive lessons, games, and activities, fostering their mathematical reasoning abilities. The first grade math curriculum aims to provide a solid foundation for future mathematical learning and equip students with the skills to navigate mathematical concepts confidently. 

Our math curriculum includes essential math concepts for first graders. Here are a few examples of what your child can learn:

  • Comparing two-digit numbers  
  • Completing counting sequences and counting objects  
  • Understanding addition and subtraction number sentences 
  • Using number lines for addition and subtraction within 50 

Concepts Such As:

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2nd Grade Math Curriculum

With our second grade homeschool math, students dive even deeper into mathematical concepts. Our second grade curriculum emphasizes problem-solving and critical thinking, helping to equip children with the essential math skills they’ll need for future learning. 

Our second grade math curriculum includes a variety of math skills, such as the following: 

  • Developing fluency on a hundreds-counting chart 
  • Identifying digit place value within two- and three-digit numbers  
  • Using algorithms to add and subtract 
  • Number bonds and proportional blocks 

Concepts Such As:

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Why Use Homeschool+?

Homeschool+ provides you with online courses, lessons, and tools, combined with offline activities to support Your Homeschool, Your Way. As a home educator, you deserve a customized learning environment where your children can thrive and their love for learning can shine. Homeschool+ offers fully adaptive math and reading programs that adjust to your child in real time through dynamic, interactive assessments, as well as courses covering art, science, social studies, and more.   

At Homeschool+, we are committed to providing robust tools to support your homeschooling adventure in whatever form works best for you. From Progress Tracking to Lesson Planning and organization, our extensive tools are designed to help make your journey seamless and successful. Join Homeschool+ today and unlock the potential of personalized education, your way! 

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