Math Homeschool Curriculum

It’s clear why math is considered a core subject for many homeschool students. The language of the universe is spoken through math. From the patterns in the stars to coding computers, math is the foundation for almost everything we do.

An early love of math is the foundation of a strong, curious mind. Learning math for your homeschooled student should be exciting and engaging.

Through manipulatives, visualization, and applying math to real-world problems, children begin to gain a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.

Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

Online homeschooling for math education has several advantages, including flexibility, personalized learning, and the ability to tailor the curriculum to your child’s specific needs and learning style. Adaptive online math programs also allow for more customized instruction, which can be especially helpful for children struggling with math.

You might wonder if an online math program can engage your student enough to develop a strong foundation in math. We want to show you that it can!

The right online curriculum should adapt to your child’s skill level, giving them the confidence to master new concepts while challenging them just enough to keep them growing and moving forward.

This is where My Math Academy® excels! With its adaptive, game-based learning, your child is placed on a path that is just right for them.

It’s immersive, fun, and can accelerate your child’s ability to learn mathematical concepts in real-world situations.

What Should a Homeschool Math Curriculum Cover?

A good math curriculum will go beyond the basics of simple counting and arithmetic. A comprehensive math curriculum will help lay a foundation of fundamental skills while teaching in a sequence that promotes complete understanding and mastery. 

Preschool Homeschool Math Curriculum

From the beginning of their math journey, children have a natural curiosity and love of quantifying the things around them. A good preschool math curriculum will start with the foundation of these concepts.

Kindergarten Homeschool Math Curriculum

Homeschool kindergarten math curriculum will build on what your child has started to learn in preschool.

Developmentally, each child is different, so their math skills will also differ. This means teaching the early stages of math should be fluid and flexible. There should not be exact standards at this age, but a goal for continued learning and understanding.

Because of this, many concepts between preschool and kindergarten math will overlap. Therefore, choosing a flexible and adaptive program for your child’s specific level is essential. 

1st Grade Homeschool Math Curriculum

First-grade homeschool math will continue to build on the concepts previously learned, adding layers and depth to the basic understanding that your child has gained. It will also add new concepts to your child’s repertoire.

2nd Grade Homeschool Math Curriculum

Second grade homeschool math gets even more exciting. At this age, children really get to start testing the application of their math skills in real-world situations.

Why Homeschool+ Is the Best Choice for Homeschool Math Curriculum

My Math Academy is a groundbreaking learning platform for homeschoolers, designed to give home educators certainty in their child’s math progress. With this program, your child will learn math concepts and skills through a mastery-based approach, receiving real-time feedback as they engage in meaningful practice. Once your child demonstrates that they have mastered a skill, they progress to more challenging topics.

My Math Academy covers an array of mathematical concepts, including: