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Kindergarten Math Curriculum 

Everywhere you look, there’s a way to see and experience math. Incorporating math into your homeschooling plan early on sets the stage for encouraging a lifelong love of numbers. So when you’re ready to explore a kindergarten math curriculum and test it out with your little learner, what should you look for? We’ll help break down the essentials.  

Keep Kids Engaged in a Kindergarten Math Curriculum 

It’s easy to start most online programs but staying engaged and satisfied with them is trickier. When you begin vetting kindergarten math curricula, prioritize looking for what will appeal to your child and meet your goals. 

Focusing on finding a reputable, age-appropriate, personalized program will go a long way in getting your child excited about learning. As you move through the math curriculum, encourage your child. Talk to them about the lessons they’re learning and try to find ways to incorporate them into daily life or conversation. When your child sees math applied to real life, they’ll get even more excited to keep going. 

Kindergarten Math Curriculum: What to Cover

Young learners can take on a lot of different math concepts. Here are some of the mathematical concepts you’ll find covered in My Math Academy®, the math curriculum for Homeschool+ : 

What to Look for in a Math Curriculum


Kids need support for the different ways they learn, and this is especially true with math. With any program, it’s important to assess where your child is and then make adjustments as you see fit. If they already understand the basics of addition and subtraction, then be sure to go a little deeper so you can maximize your curriculum. Always look for solutions for your child based on their skills, not their age. Plus, your math curriculum should also let you easily switch between learners. This will allow you to personalize learning even further for each of your students. 


Math curriculum should always keep pace with your child and automatically adjust to match their mastery level. If you’re testing a curriculum, make sure it meets your child’s individual needs as they progress through the program. 


Kids need ways to stay engaged and entertained, which means having a lot of variety within the lessons. You should look for approaches that mix up the visuals and approaches for how the information is presented. Also, look for programs with milestones for kids to achieve. This gives them something to feel good about and look forward to as they work through new materials.


This is such an important point to remember, but it’s also easy to forget. Math needs to be fun for kids to keep going back to it again and again. If you’re considering a program, have your child test it out too. If they don’t enjoy using it, it’s probably best to keep looking.

Good for Online Learning

Online math programs can vary quite a bit from one offering to the next, and these lessons don’t always translate to digital learning. Be sure the kindergarten math curriculum you sign up for has strong, effective, and interactive lessons. Watch a few videos, either on the company’s website or YouTube channel, and you’ll understand which ones successfully translate learning to an online format.

How to Find a Program You Can Trust

Your homeschooling curriculum needs to come from a credible source, but it’s not always easy to “see” that at first glance. When researching curriculum, the  information about how it was created and who created it should be easy to find. At Homeschool+, we’re proud to share our high standards for creating curricula.

Professionals Create Our Curriculum

All Homeschool+ materials are created by curriculum experts and with homeschoolers in mind. ABCmouse® and Adventure Academy® products represent the years we’ve spent making effective curriculum, and Homeschool+ was created with the same high standards.

Homeschoolers Use Our Program

We’ve been talking to homeschool families every step of the way while creating Homeschool+. You can feel good knowing our programs will work well in the homeschool environment.

What is My Math Academy within Homeschool+?

My Math Academy is the math curriculum you’ll find within your Homeschool+ subscription. This program features multiple interactive learning opportunities that you can personalize for each learner. It’s simple to set up and adjust and includes games, progress trackers, and more.

Your Kindergarten Math Curriculum and Homeschool+

We make the process easy for you! Whether you’re brand new to homeschooling or have been doing it for years, we have tools to support you and your learners. Take a look at what you’ll find within our subscription service.

Lesson Planner

When you first set up your profile, auto-generated lessons, based on your frequency preferences, will pop up in your child’s profile. This makes it incredibly easy to get started, and you can make adjustments anytime just by clicking a button.

Progress Tracker

Home educators love the Progress Tracker. It provides a visual of each child’s journey, allows you to check for comprehension, and takes the guesswork out of assessing where your child is at.