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Spanish Curriculum

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A Spanish Curriculum Designed for Homeschooling 

Open the doors to language learning with a Spanish curriculum created for homeschooling families. Introducing your child to a new language at a young age helps prime them for future language studies as it strengthens cognitive flexibility. It can also set the stage for a lifetime of cultural awareness and appreciation.   

Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in the U.S. and is often easier for children to learn at a younger age. Learning Spanish early on can also expand a child’s vocabulary, improve their grammar and sentence structure, and enhance their pronunciation and listening skills. 

Our Spanish course introduces young learners to Spanish vocabulary in a way that’s fun and engaging. Lessons include a variety of videos, online and offline games and activities, and more. The Homeschool+ Spanish course is designed for flexibility so you can adapt it to your homeschooling schedule and goals.

What Spanish Skills Can My Child Learn with the Homeschool+ Curriculum?

The Homeschool+ Spanish curriculum provides a solid foundation for your child’s language learning. Spanish is introduced based on themes that young children are familiar with and enjoy learning about, such as places, animals, food, and household items. Our curriculum incorporates fun online activities for your child to engage with and also provides more immersive, hands-on offline lessons.

Spanish lessons are broken down into several categories that children can easily relate to and build an understanding of as they translate places and objects they’re familiar with into a new language. Each lesson uses scaffolding to build on knowledge that was previously mastered, nurturing a natural progression of deeper understanding. 

The Homeschool+ Spanish curriculum focuses on vocabulary words and useful phrases to help build your child’s confidence in language learning and motivate them to keep learning. Our curriculum introduces your child to key concepts, including the following: 

Vocabulary and Useful Phrases 

  • Learn useful and interesting words and topics 
  • Study animals, foods, places, and activities 

Immersive Contexts and Endings

  • Explore male and female word endings 
  • Learn vocabulary words in isolation

Pronunciation and Accent Marks 

  • Practice pronunciation
  • Understand how Spanish accent marks affect pronunciation 


  • Discover similar words in Spanish and English 
  • Explore root words in different languages

Places and Playtime

These lessons will help your child understand and use Spanish vocabulary that describes different locations, such as their home, places in a city, and inside and outside. Your child will also be introduced to words that describe fun activities, like going to the park or pool. While teaching essential Spanish vocabulary words, these lessons also explain the use of Spanish accent marks.  

Lessons Such As:


Exploring animals provides a wonderful opportunity to capture your child’s interests while continuing to grow their Spanish vocabulary. These fun and interactive lessons help teach words and how to use them in the correct context. Your child will also learn about the concept of cognates, or words that sound alike in Spanish and English. 

Lessons Such As:

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Our curriculum uses the delicious world of foods to help your child continue developing their Spanish vocabulary. New words are introduced, along with lessons on using them in context. Special attention is called to words ending in -a and -o.  

Lessons Such As:

Around the Home

These lessons help your child acquire the language to communicate about objects and places in their home, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and living room, as well as common items in each room. They also build on your child’s ability to speak Spanish with precision and use words in the correct context.  

Lessons Such As:

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