Online Spanish Homeschool Curriculum

By encouraging your child to learn a language at a young age, especially Spanish, you give them a strong foundation for future language learning.

Spanish is the second-most-spoken language in the U.S., and when kids get started early, it’s much easier for them to pick it up later.

Benefits of Early Language Learning

Giving your child a chance to broaden their understanding of the world through learning a new language can foster a multitude of benefits! Here are some amazing ways learning Spanish can positively impact your homeschool student:

Engaging the brain in this unique way can benefit your child’s performance in other academic areas, increases their social opportunities, and helps them learn how to multitask.

Elementary Beginner Course in Spanish

Learning a new language as part of a comprehensive homeschool program can be a rewarding experience for your child.

Our introductory Spanish course included in Homeschool+ offers young children the chance to build a strong foundation in learning about Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

The vocabulary lessons covered in the Homeschool+ Spanish course include things like:

Because learning a language should be fun, our course includes a variety of videos, activities, and games, both offline and online.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Homeschool Spanish

As a homeschool parent, some of the best memories you will make with your child will be having fun and learning together. If you don’t know how to speak Spanish, that’s OK! Learning along with your child can be an exciting journey you take together!

The secret to learning anything is repetition and practice:

Practice the basics together. Homeschool+ provides you with the foundation of where to start and gives you all the tools you need to begin with simple phrases that are important to know.

Make it fun. Your child will love our interactive characters like the fun alien Gooloo Gooloo, who is featured in Homeschool+ Spanish learning videos and activities! Don’t be afraid to get silly along with your child. Being interested in the online activities that your child is doing can get them even more excited to practice every day.

Use visual aids. Our offline lesson plans come with many great examples of how to incorporate everyday items into your language journey.

Practice consistently. We all know that education is a marathon, not a race. Even practicing a few minutes each day can yield fantastic results, if done consistently. Consistency in learning a language is important in helping your child retain the new phrases and vocabulary they are learning.

Be patient. Learning a new language takes time! Celebrate small successes, and don’t be too concerned if you don’t see monumental progress right away.