Explore Early Math Skills With a Preschool Math Homeschool Curriculum

As you go down the path of homeschooling your child, finding a good math program will be an essential part of your journey. Math is in everything we do, which makes it easy to incorporate into a homeschooling program for preschoolers. Let’s explore what goes into a quality preschool math homeschool curriculum, and what you’ll find in the Homeschool+ math curriculum.

What to Look for in a Preschool Math Curriculum 

Picking a math curriculum program can feel overwhelming when you start homeschooling, but focusing on these four key areas will steer you in the right direction.

1. It Should Be Adaptive

Kids learn at all different levels and paces, and the preschool math curriculum you choose should be personalized for your learner. For instance, if your child has already mastered skip counting and is ready for a more advanced lesson, you should be able to move ahead at your discretion. Look for a personalized program based on your learner’s needs, not a generic age. Also, make sure the program lets you switch between learners, further customizing it to your family.

2. It Should Have Variety 

Good programs present information in diverse ways, ensuring it connects with kids on different levels. Look for variety in how lessons are approached and if they introduce kids to new visuals and ways to learn. You’ll also want to look for programs with built-in milestones. These let kids feel like they can conquer one section and help them stay motivated as they move through new material.

3. It Should Be Fun 

Remember the importance of making learning fun, especially for preschoolers. Find a program that’s interactive and enjoyable for kids. When young students are drawn into lessons through fun and engaging activities, they look forward to using the curriculum program to learn more. 

4. It Should Work Well Online 

Look for a preschool math curriculum designed by people who understand online and digital learning. Many companies have jumped into online learning without an understanding of how to create digital lessons that are effective and interactive. Try watching lessons from various companies–you’ll be able to tell the ones truly designed to be interactive online. 

Tips for Keeping Kids Engaged in a Preschool Math Curriculum 

Half the battle of keeping your kids engaged is finding a program that’s right for your child. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your child interested in their preschool math curriculum.

  • Selecting a reputable, age-appropriate, and personalized program that your child will enjoy and that you feel good about.
  • Bringing math to life during daily activities. Whether you work on counting skills while going for a walk outside or notice numbers at the grocery store, talk to your kids about what they’re learning.
  • Help them find new ways to apply and grow their skills. As your child starts mastering math concepts, look for opportunities to boost their knowledge. For example, if they can count up to four objects in a group, work on counting up to eight, and then try counting two groups of four.

Find a Program You Can Trust 

It’s important to know your homeschooling curriculum comes from a credible source. While finding different lesson plans and curricula is easy, it’s not always easy to find information about who created it. At Homeschool+, we’re excited and proud to share the high standards we use to make our customizable programs. 

Curriculum Created by Professionals 

The Homeschool+ program comes to you from the creators of ABCmouse® and Adventure Academy®. All of our courses are created by curriculum experts and with homeschoolers in mind. 

Programs Used by Other Homeschoolers 

We’ve been talking to homeschool families every step of the way while creating Homeschool+ and have several homeschool parents as part of our staff. You can feel confident that our programs work for home educators because that’s exactly who helped create them. 

What is My Math Academy®?  

My Math Academy is the math curriculum offered within Homeschool+. This program includes games and interactive learning personalized for each student. It’s an adaptive program that’s easy to adjust to your own preschool math curriculum. Simply enter a few pieces of necessary information, and the program instantly generates lessons and goals. Change it as much or as little as you want. This is just one of the offerings within a Homeschool+ subscription. 

What to Cover in a Preschool Math Curriculum 

Preschoolers might not be solving for X, but they can tackle many different math concepts when you break them down correctly. Here are a few of the mathematical concepts covered in My Math Academy

Why Use Homeschool+ for Your Preschool Math Curriculum 

Homeschool+ is designed to meet your needs and the needs of your children, whether you’re a new or veteran homeschooling family. Here’s why Homeschool+ will help you meet your math curriculum goals. 

The Lesson Planner Tool

The Lesson Planner makes planning more accessible by creating a set of lessons and recommendations based on the information you give us. It’s always easy to make adjustments just by clicking a button. 

The Progress Tracker Tool

The Progress Tracker is an incredible tool for adults, allowing you to follow an individual learner’s journey and check for comprehension. Math is one of those subjects that can be tricky to assess, and this takes out the guesswork.