Find an Engaging 2nd Grade Math Curriculum With Homeschool+

You want a 2nd grade math curriculum that grows with your child and keeps them engaged every step of the way. As they tackle bigger numbers and understand more advanced math concepts, you need a curriculum that keeps up and continues to challenge them.

As your child ages, their math curriculum needs to continue appealing to their senses and drawing them in with a fun approach to learning. How do you pick a curriculum that does all this?  Find the answer below! 

Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing a 2nd Grade Math Curriculum 

Is it Adaptive?

If you can’t personalize a math program, then it’s best to keep looking. All kids learn differently and at various rates. You want a math curriculum that’s built with this in mind and lets you easily adapt lessons. The curriculum you choose should also accommodate multiple learners so you can quickly switch between students. 

Does it Have Variety? 

If a program isn’t interesting and doesn’t offer variety, your child will likely get bored at some point. You want to find a math curriculum with games, activities, and milestones that keep kids engaged and motivated. 

Is it Fun? 

At the end of the day, your math curriculum has to pass the fun test. Children are excellent judges of this and will let you know if they enjoy the curriculum. Make sure your young learner tests programs right along with you. They’ll appreciate being involved in choosing their homeschool curriculum. 

Does it Work Well Online? 

There are numerous math programs out there, but they’re not all built to work for online learning. This is another area where your child can be an excellent judge of what curriculum feels like a good fit. Chances are, you and your child will quickly sense which curriculum feels like a natural fit for online learning.

How to Keep Your Children Engaged in a 2nd Grade Math Curriculum 

To reinforce the importance of math, try incorporating it into daily conversations. When you go to the library, store, or restaurant, point out all the ways you use math every day. This can reinforce their learning and help them grow an understanding of why math is essential.  

Find a Math Program You Can Trust 

Anytime you’re looking for a homeschool curriculum, it’s important to know where it’s coming from and who’s making it. We’re proud of the experts and research behind Homeschool+ and how they set us apart from others.  

Professionals Create Our Curriculum

Our educators and curriculum experts are behind everything we do. They’re the same people who developed ABCmouse and Adventure Academy, and their decades of experience with building quality curricula shows. 

Homeschoolers Use Our Curriculum

We regularly talk to Homeschool+ families and carefully consider their feedback. We’re always looking for ways to expand and improve our programs to suit the needs of homeschoolers. It’s been part of our process since the beginning of Homeschool+. 

What is My Math Academy

My Math Academy® is a comprehensive math curriculum that encompasses engaging games, adaptive learning, and interactive elements designed for your child’s educational journey. With this program, your child will learn math concepts and skills through a mastery-based approach, receiving real-time feedback as they engage in meaningful practice. Once your child demonstrates that they have mastered a skill, they progress to more challenging topics. It’s all part of the convenient and comprehensive offerings within the Homeschool+ subscription.

What to Cover in a 2nd Grade Math Curriculum 

Here’s a look at just a few of the topics you’ll find on My Math Academy

How to Use Homeschool+ for Your 2nd Grade Math Curriculum 

Let us help you tackle second grade math. Here are two of our favorite features of the Homeschool+ subscription. 

Lesson Planner

The Lesson Planner always has a math lesson ready for you and your child. Simply enter a few basic details and watch a calendar of lessons appear. The best part is that you can adjust every lesson to meet your goals and your student’s needs.

Progress Tracker

The Progress Tracker lets you follow your child’s progress at a glance and provides insight into comprehension as well. It’s a great tool for personalizing lessons based on your child’s mastery.