Finding the Right Kindergarten Reading Curriculum for Your Homeschool

One of the most critical components of your child’s early education is their reading curriculum. The right one can spark a love for reading and learning that supports a child well into adulthood. 

Picking from the many kindergarten reading programs on the market can feel daunting. Let us help by pinpointing what to look for in a kindergarten reading curriculum and sharing ideas that can lead to a love of reading in your child.  

Considerations for Choosing a Kindergarten Reading Curriculum

Before diving into the specifics of what a kindergarten reading curriculum should include, let’s look at the key factors that should build the framework of the program you select.

Teaching Philosophy and Methodology

There are various teaching philosophies and methodologies regarding teaching reading, such as phonics-based, whole language, or balanced literacy approaches. Researching these methodologies is helpful as you prepare to teach your child about reading and consider different programs to support your efforts.

 Adaptability and Flexibility

Since every child learns at their own pace, choosing a kindergarten reading curriculum that is adaptable, flexible, and consistently meets your student at their level is important. This means selecting a curriculum that provides the following:

Progress Tracking Features

Accurately monitoring your child’s progress is an important part of the homeschooling process. It helps you determine if your chosen kindergarten reading curriculum is effective and whether your child is on track with their learning.

Look for a curriculum with built-in progress-tracking tools. These tools can help you identify your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to make necessary adjustments and provide targeted support to help them succeed. Additionally, tracking progress can motivate both you and your child as you celebrate achievements and growth together.

What a Kindergarten Reading Curriculum Should Cover

A comprehensive kindergarten reading curriculum should cover the following key areas to provide a solid foundation for your child’s literacy development.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness is recognizing and manipulating the individual sounds in spoken words. This is a crucial skill for learning to read, as it helps children understand the connection between written and spoken language. A kindergarten reading curriculum should include activities that teach children to identify, blend, and segment sounds in words.


Phonics instruction teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they represent. This helps them decode words and develop word recognition skills. A good kindergarten reading curriculum should include phonics instruction, where children learn the most common letter-sound correspondences and practice decoding words using these sounds.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand and interpret the meaning of text. A kindergarten reading curriculum should include a variety of activities that help children develop comprehension skills, such as making predictions, asking and answering questions, and retelling stories.

 Word Recognition

By mastering word recognition, children can quickly identify and understand familiar words, which enhances their reading fluency. Sight words, in particular, are high-frequency words that appear in texts and provide a foundation for reading comprehension. Proficiency in sight words enables kindergarteners to read with greater speed and accuracy, building their overall reading comprehension.

What is My Reading Academy?

As part of the Homeschool+ package, My Reading Academy™ is a unique, adaptive program designed to help children learn to read that tailors the learning experience to each child’s specific needs. My Reading Academy is among the many valuable educational resources available with the Homeschool+ subscription.

An interactive, flexible evaluation places your child on their own Learning Path, matching their current reading knowledge and skill to the material that best meets their learning needs. My Reading Academy evaluates their progress as they build on what they’ve mastered, presenting the next challenge they need to advance their understanding and skills.   

Choose Homeschool+ For Your Kindergarten Reading Curriculum

Homeschool+ has been meticulously designed with homeschooling families in mind. The result of years of research, design, development, testing, and refinement by a team of literacy experts, My Reading Academy addresses the elements of complete reading instruction. Here are a few examples of what your kindergartener can learn:

My Reading Academy also features a unique Progress Tracker that shows you what skills your child has mastered, providing you with detailed data on the accomplishments and challenges faced by each child.   

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