Arizona ESA Scholarship
for Homeschool Funding

The Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) initiative, managed by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and funded through state taxes, provides funding for eligible Arizona students in grades K–12 to pursue an education outside of a public or charter school. The Arizona ESA scholarship provides between $6,500 to $7,000 to participating students.

Arizona ESA funds can be used for homeschooling, private school fees, purchasing approved curricula, tutoring, and more. By opting to use an ESA, the child’s parent or guardian agrees to provide education in the state’s required subjects, which include reading, grammar, math, social studies, and science. 

Students applying for an ESA scholarship cannot be enrolled in a public or charter school.   

Top 3 Benefits of the Arizona ESA 


Financial Support for Homeschooling

An ESA can help homeschooling families in Arizona offset the costs of educating their children, including approved curricula, learning materials and supplies, standardized tests, tutors, therapists, and more.  


Personalized Education 

The Arizona ESA allows families to choose from a variety of schooling options, enabling them to find an educational path that works best for them and their child. Home educators can choose from pre-approved curricula or request approval for a curriculum of their choice.  

Homeschool+ is a pre-approved homeschool curriculum for ages 4–8 for those using the Arizona ESA.


Expanded Educational Opportunities 

The funds provided by the Arizona ESA alleviate some of the financial burdens of home education, allowing families to choose materials, experiences, and curriculum based on their preferences instead of their budgets. Having access to financial support opens the doors to more learning opportunities for homeschooling families and allows them to access more educational resources.

Applying for an ESA Scholarship 

There are several steps involved in applying for an Arizona ESA. If you need additional information, visit the Arizona Department of Education website’s ESA requirements page

Who is eligible for the Arizona ESA?

All Arizona K–12 students attending private schools or a homeschool are eligible. Pre-K students with special needs may also be eligible for an ESA. 

Arizona students cannot receive ESA funding and funding from another scholarship through the state’s tuition tax credit programs at the same time.   

Find a detailed list of eligibility requirements on the Arizona Department of Education website. 

When should I apply? 

ESA accepts applications online all year. The scholarship amount is divided into four quarterly disbursements that are distributed during these periods: 

  • July 1–September 30 
  • October 1–December 31 
  • January 1–March 31 
  • April 1–June 30 

Apply for the Arizona ESA Scholarship here. The Arizona Department of Education reports that it typically takes about 30 days to process an application.  

When applying for the Arizona ESA, you will need your child’s birth certificate and a document showing proof of residency, such as a property tax bill or W2 with your address.

How do I receive and use my ESA Scholarship funds? 

Shortly after your application is approved, your ESA funds will be added to a ClassWallet account. ClassWallet is a third-party vendor that serves as the ESA’s payment portal. ClassWallet features a marketplace where you can make purchases, including paying for pre-approved curriculum programs. Reimbursement options are also available for some purchases made outside of ClassWallet. You can find more detailed information here

Homeschool+ Is an Approved Vendor with the Arizona ESA Scholarship

Homeschool+ is proud to be an approved curriculum for use with an ESA Scholarship, which means it’s already waiting for you in ClassWallet.

You’ll need an invoice to purchase Homeschool+ with your ESA funds in ClassWallet. Simply select “Generate Invoice” for a downloadable PDF of your invoice, and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

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About Homeschool+

Homeschool+ is designed to support home educators in creating a customized homeschool experience for their family. Our curriculum offers online courses, lessons, and home educator tools, combined with offline lesson plans and activities to help build a personalized learning environment for children aged 4 to 8. 

Girl learning on Ipad.
  • Adaptive math and reading curriculum covering four years of learning with interactive, expertly designed educational activities that can help accelerate your child’s journey to mastering mathematical fluency and reading comprehension 
  • Nineteen courses covering language arts, science, social studies, art, music, and Spanish that create an ideal balance of online and offline learning and cover subjects required by the state of Arizona 
Mother and daughter learning together on an I-pad.
Mother and daughter learning together on an Ipad.
  • Robust home educator tools, including a Lesson Planner hub for customizing the Homeschool+ curriculum by adding, removing, or moving lessons; complete Lesson Plans to support offline learning, providing three levels of exploration to take learning into the real world; and a Progress Tracker, helping you monitor each child’s progress and aid in meeting record-keeping requirements  
  • Ability to easily switch between learners, monitor each child’s progress, and tailor lessons to their needs 
Family reading and learning together.

We understand that every homeschooling journey is unique, which is why Homeschool+ offers flexibility, so you, the home educator, can develop a learning environment where your children can thrive and their passion for learning can shine. Try Homeschool+ today and let us help you create Your Homeschool, Your Way.™ 

Screen shot of Homeschool+ Lesson Planner.

How to Purchase Homeschool+ with Your Arizona ESA Scholarship

Homeschool+ is already approved for use with Arizona ESA. Here’s how you can purchase the Homeschool+ curriculum with your ESA funds. 


Select “Generate Invoice” for a downloadable PDF of your invoice for Homeschool+.


Look for Homeschool+ in the DirectPay directory of ClassWallet, and follow the steps to upload your PDF and begin the approval process. You can type in “Homeschool+” into the search bar to find our curriculum.  


After finding Homeschool+, select “pay,” and add the details of your order, including the exact amount that appears on your Homeschool+ invoice PDF. 


Screen shot of class wallet instructions.

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