Home Educator Tools

Freedom and flexibility are at the center of every feature on Homeschool+™, including our Home Educator Tools, designed with you in mind.

Lesson Planner

The Lesson Planner is your hub for customizing the Homeschool+ curriculum to meet the unique needs of your homeschool. Here you can access My Math Academy®, My Reading Academy™, and Art, Sciences & General Knowledge—the three curriculum components of Homeschool+—and tailor scheduling for each child on your account.  

Freedom and flexibility are at the center of every feature on Homeschool+, allowing you to easily adjust your schedule by toggling individual lessons or changing your full-day plan. You can easily add a lesson, adjust the amount of time your child spends that day, or toggle a lesson off for a particular day.  

You can edit the content included in the Arts, Sciences & General Knowledge courses. Each lesson consists of multiple online activities, ranging from read-aloud books to videos, coloring pages, and puzzles. You can delete an individual activity or an entire lesson, add an activity by searching through our library of educational content, or even create a custom lesson to add to the course. 

Every lesson has an online and offline component. You can access the offline Lesson Plans at the top of the Lesson Planner. You can also download and print one day’s lessons at a time or prepare ahead and print the lessons for the entire week.   

Each time you visit the Lesson Planner, you can see which lessons have been completed that week. Lessons that are not completed or are toggled off will be moved to the next week automatically, so your child never misses out. 

The Lesson Planner is just one of the great Home Educator Tools included with Homeschool+.  

Lesson Plans

We know that balancing screen time matters, so each carefully curated lesson on Homeschool+ includes both online and offline components. The offline Lesson Plans are available to download at the top of your Lesson Planner. You can download and print one day’s lessons at a time or prepare ahead and print lessons for the entire week. The offline Lesson Plans are custom-made for homeschooling families. Each one begins with clearly identified key concepts vocabulary, so you know the purpose of the lesson from the beginning. Instead of requiring a long list of expensive supplies, most materials are household items or low-cost, and set up time is minimal. The Lesson Plans contain fun, child-approved activities like drawing maps of your house, filling in the blanks with describing words, and creating model insects. Lessons are also designed in multiple to meet your families’ unique needs:

Integrating the concepts explored in the Online Playlists, each offline activity is designed to reinforce new ideas, generate rich conversations between you and your children, and build a family culture of learning—together.

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Progress Tracker

Whether your state requires detailed information about your homeschool or you simply want to assess how your children are progressing, the Homeschool+ Progress Tracker has you covered!

My Math Academy and My Reading Academys detailed Dashboards give you clear insights on your child’s progress:

The Arts, Sciences & General Knowledge Dashboard allows you to

With Homeschool+, each child on your account will have their own report.